HERO St Paul Cop Has Cell Phone Stolen By Thug While Protecting The Public!

While working “off duty”, a St Paul Police Officer was required to act when a violent situation presented itself. A fight broke out in a public place, and the cop immediately jumped into action. During the officer’s attempt to neutralize the situation, his uniform pants pocket was ripped, and the officer’s cell phone dropped to the ground.

After the cop was able to resolve the fight, and protect the SAFETY OF THE INNOCENT CITIZENS at his location, he began searching for his cell phone. When he couldn’t find his phone, the establishment began to review surveillance footage from security cameras on-site. The cameras revealed a shocking discovery. A female is seen picking up the officer’s cell phone, and placing it in her purse.

Rather than returning the phone to the very man that just protected her, this THUG chose to steal the phone, and keep it for herself.


US Fugitive Apprehension is asking this female to DO THE RIGHT THING. If you are in possession of the cell phone, or if you have any information regarding the cell phone, we are requesting that you ANONYMOUSLY return the cell phone to the St Paul Police Department located at 425 Grove Street, in St Paul.